La Chambre Blanche
Site-specific Residencies

Our artist-in-residence program was begun in 1982. It distinguishes itself from others, in that it offers, not only a work space and residency for artists, but also a space to invest in the creative process towards the realization of projects. A residency, as we see it, is an opportunity offered to the artist to place into question the nature of artistic practice itself with regards to both its conception and public reception. It is a laboratory where artists are invited to work either inside the gallery space itself or in the outside environment.

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE is particularly interested in works which, like works-in-progress, consider time as a medium. Proposals must integrate installation practice and a site-specific approach. During their residency, the selected artist is invited to create a unique, ephemeral work, in the context of an actual live laboratory. In effect, the public is encouraged to assist in the process of the realization of each project, from the beginning to the end of the artist's residency.

As a complement to its regular programming, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE facilitates special projects, giving artists the chance to experiment within new contexts of production and dissemination. One example, amongst others, is a series of site-specific projects which consist of immersing artists into a collegial milieu, at the Collège François-Xavier-Garneau, in Quebec City. During the site-specific creation process, the artists develop their installations while keeping in mind the context of production, and establishing an evolving dialogue with their various components. The works develop as such in conjunction with their location, their use, and the people who visit them.