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LucFosther Diop / LesFl@mmes D'Ouvertures
LucFosther Diop
17 mai au 31 juillet 2013

« En art, tout vient simultanément ou rien ne vient; pas de lumières sans flammes. » Albert Camus LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE is proud to welcome Cameroonian artist LucFosther Diop for a research and creation residency within the framework of the grant program Unesco-Aschberg for French Africa. The artist will work in our studios within the context of a Lab Web residency from May 17th to July 31st 2013. Favoring a poetic point of view, LucFosther Diop launches a research project on neocolonialism and imperialism, and their social, political, cultural, historical, geographic, and urban influences and repercussions. Titled LesFl@mmes D’Ouvertures, this project marks a research period advocating digital and media experimentation – through photography, video, recycled web documents – aiming to build an independant web platform. The final work, hosted on LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE’s web site for six months, will include archives from all the stages of creation – ephemeral interventions, video performances, recycling files found on the web and diversion of their content’s meaning.

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