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Master Class with Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag

Open call for recidencies exchange in digital arts

Presentation of the residency of Delphine Hébert (Quebec)

Residency opening of Noemi Čotić (Croatia)

Site-specific residency - Noemi Čotić (Croatia)


Guillaume Adjutor Provost (MTL) – research residency


Site-specific residency - Jedsada Tangtrakulwong (TH)

Performance with Sonia Paço-Rocchia (Saint-Joseph-du-Lac)

Edith Brunette (Montréal) and François Lemieux (Montréal) – Research residency

Net art in Mois Multi

Sonia Paço-Rocchia - Residency (Saint-Joseph-du-Lac)

Exhibition of Camille Nadeau (QC)

Happy Holidays!

Delphine Hébert – l@chambrebl@nche prize 2015

Invitation for the seminar and opening of Michelle Teran (CA)

Research residency of Claire Moeder (MTL)

Conference on objects behavior

Discussion and screening about the film "Mortgaged Lives" of Michelle Teran

New database for the documentation center


Michelle Teran (CA) in residency

Michelle Teran (CA) in site-specific residency

Fall 2015

Production residency for Laurent Lévesque (MTL)


Residency opening for Chiara Pergola (IT)

l@ch@mbrebl@nche prize

Last chance to see the work of Alice Jarry (QC) and Vincent Evrard (BEL)

Summer’s break

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Digital art’s residency of Marc Dulude (MTL)

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Residency of Alice Jarry (QC) and Vincent Evrard (BEL)

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Pierre-Luc Lapointe at the WAQ

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Extinct memories @ LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE

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Conference of Véronique Leblanc (MTL)

Exchange Program with Transcultures (Mons) and LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE (Quebec)

Véronique Leblanc (MTL) - Research residency

Residency opening for Grégory Chatonsky and Dominique Sirois

Digital art’s residency of Charles-Étienne Brochu (QC)

Residency opening of N. Samara Guzmán Fernández (MX) and Rodrigo Frías Becerra (MX)



Official Launching of the new laboratories

Residency opening of the Croatian artist Vedran Perkov

Nous Aurons Toujours l’Automobile (We Will, Always, Have Cars) and 24-hour free production time

Launch of Nataliya Petkova's Web publication

Sound Performance - Anthony Di Furia (IT)

Call for Proposals - Residency in Croatia

Presentation of the digital art's residency by Blanche Sanou (Burkina Faso)

Residency opening - Anthony Di Furia (IT)

Fundraising campaign for LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE at La Ruche

Summer vacation 2014

Blanche Sanou - Digital art’s residency

Cynthia Fecteau - Research residency

Manif d'art 7 - Geneviève Chevalier

Final residency opening - Emmanuel Lagrange Paquet (MTL)

Presentation of «The Language Throwers» by Josiane Roberge

SketchUp Workshop - Winter 2014

Blender workshop – Winter 2014

Emmanuel Lagrange Paquet (MTL) – Residency opening

Open call – Brazil residency

GIMP Workshop - Winter 2014

Božidar Jurjević (Croatia) - Second residency opening on Monday February 24th at 5pm

Unity 3D Workshop - Winter 2014

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Initiation to Processing

Monday December 9th - Final residency opening for Bruno Caldas Vianna (BR)

Thursday November 21st : Étienne Cliquet

Residency opening: Bruno Caldas Vianna

20/40 - Cultural encounters Quebec-Montreal

Josiane Roberge in Lab Web residency

Oscar M. García in site-specific residency

Se Suivre - three performance evenings

Miller Puckette in Quebec City

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So Kanno // Objects of sound

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Residency opening for Géographies Variables


Géographies Variables 2013

Valérie Blass - Residency opening

BLENDER workshop - last days to sign up

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Final opening for Adelin Schweitzer

A-Reality-P03 / Adelin Schweitzer

Residency opening for Adelin Schweitzer

Arrival of Adelin Schweitzer

Good news for the master degree students!

Stephanie Grenier - mentorship residency and Les ailes de Camille

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Programming winter/spring 2013

Exchange Quebec - Brazil

Residency opening for Miguel Monroy

Residency opening for Stephanie Grenier

Miguel Monroy in site-specific residency

Stéphanie Grenier - recipient of l@ch@mbrebl@nche prize

Karina Montenegro - second site-specific residency opening

Karina Montenegro - site-specific residency is now open

Géographies Variables


Karina Montenegro in site-specific residency

l@ch@mbrebl@nche 2011-2012 Prize

The Journées de la culture

Acquisition of a 3D printer for LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE's WebLab!

Thursday May 31, 2012

On May 31st, 2012, at 5 pm. the artist-in-residence Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag will meet the public to speak of his research into light, as explored in the installation GAMMAvert, presented in the context of the Manif d’art 6. He will also speak of a current project, concerning the aurora borealis. The master class will be given in English. A French interpreter will be present. Make your reservation at:
In collaboration with the Manif d'art 6.

+ infos about the Master Classes given during the Manif d'art 6